National / International awardees and citation laureates


An expert having a Post-Graduate / Doctorate degree in their respective subject with 15 years of professional experience.


Associate Professor / Professor / Senior Scientist or equivalent positions in teaching and research







Interconnected in the National Researcher's Network from leading academic and R&D organisation in India and Abroad.

Joined in the National Researcher's Network including IITs, CSIR, DRDO, Central and State Universities

Who Can Join?
Post-Graduate / Doctorate Degree In Their Respective Subject With 15 Years Of Professional Experience
National / International Awardee And Citation Laureates
Associate Professor / Professor / Senior Scientist Or Equivalent Positions In Teaching & Research
Why Vidwan ?

Expert and Research Scholar

Find potential scholars with similar expertise.

Showcase your expertise to the research community, funding agencies, policy makers, etc.

Linking to the other databases and external resources.

Profile enriched via automatic update also integrate with ORCID, Researcher ID, Google Scholar ID, etc.

Institutions / Organisation

Find experts in a given research area / geographic area.

Improve faculty collaboration across organisations in India and abroad.

Identify institutional strength in a given subject area.

Visualizations of co-author network, map of science network.

Policy Makers and Funding Agencies

Identify experts for committees, expert panels and project proposals.

Identify funding opportunities and associated experts.

Identify areas of intensive research activities.

Visualise research activities within an organisation.