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Sanjay Pawar, PhD

Associate Professor
Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies




Sanjay worked in the field of Sales and Marketing for several years before changing career by becoming a teacher of Marketing for academic purposes. During his tenure as a corporate employee he worked for various business organizations at several locations in India. Prior to joining the academic field Sanjay worked as Chief Manger – Sales, at ACC Ltd. (part of the Holcim group of Switzerland), responsible for managing a multi-tier dealer network and also direct sales to large buyers. Presently,

Personal Information

Sanjay Pawar, PhD

Symbiosis Institute Of Management Studies Range Hills, Khadki, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Pune, Maharashtra, India - 411020


  • Associate Professor

    Business Management

    Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies,Pune


  • Ph.D

    Shivaji University

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